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Dasman Bilingual School (DBS) Stationery Set Grade_1 - 03152010

Dasman Bilingual School 

Please review the box description and compare it with your list before buying!

•2x pack of pencils
•1x scissors
•1x Jumbo pencils
•1x ruler 30cm
•5x zip book folders
•4x Glue Stick
•1x sharpener
•1x pack of flip file
•1x pack of colored pencils
•1x Dettol Wipe
•4x Jumbo eraser
•4x Tissue
•1x whiteboard Marker
•1x small whiteboard
•1x pack of A4 construction
•1x playdough
•1x sanitizer
•1x Zip lock bags box lagre
•1x lab coat