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BBS School Stationery Set Grade 3




Al-Bayan Bilingual School

Please review the box description and compare it with your list before buying!

- Staedtler Noris Pencil, HB with rubber Tip, 4pc
- Elmer's 22g Purple Stick, 3pc
- Scissors Kids Pointed, 2pc
- Staedtler Raso Plast Eraser, 4pc
- Staedtler Noris Tub Sharpener, Red, 4pc
- Plastic Ruler 6inch,1pc
- EXPO, marker Assorted colors, 4pc
- Pencils 12 Count Long,1pc
- Info Notes 50x75mm Yellow 2x3",1pc
- Staedtler Topstar Highlighter Set/6-wallet,1pc
- White Board With Pen Size 35x25,1pc
- Black Board Duster Light,1pc
- Zip Case A4, 5pc
- Zipper File A4, 2pc
- Display Book With 40pockets,1pc
- Brown Box, 1pc
- Mogart- White Board 100mic, A4, 1pc