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ASK School Stationery Set, KG1 -03152000

American School of Kuwait

Please review the box description and compare it with your list before buying!

•1x pack of jumbo pencils
•1x pencil sharpener with cover
•1x large white eraser
•1x box of thick Crayola markers
•1x box of Crayola crayons
•1x box of colored pencils
•1x A3 whiteboard
•2x sets of whiteboard markers
•1x whiteboard eraser
•4x large glue sticks
•1x heavy-duty A4 zipper folders (A4 Size)
•1xheavy-duty A3 zipper folders (A3 Size)
•1x A4 plastic page books, 40-pocket
•2x spiral A4 sketchbooks
•3x individual containers of playdough
•1x box of jumbo chalk
•1x box of large Ziploc bags
•1x box of small Ziploc bags
•1x box of tissue 
•1x pack of wips