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ACA School Salmiya, KG-2 Set




American Creativity Academy

Please review the box description and compare it with your list before buying!

- Wet Wipe Anti Bacterial Metaleptic 24's, 3pc
- Metal Sharpener Double Hole, 1pc
- Mogart Notebook, 1subject,100sheets,1pc
- Noris Pencils HB, 1pc
- Staedtler Raso Plast Eraser, 4pc
- Reinforced Pocket Clear A4 Size, 20pc
- Plastic Folder A3 Size, 3pc
- Clear Bag With Closser A3 Size,1pc
- Rainbow Paper A3, 1pc
- Elmer's 22g Purple Stick, 4pc
- EXPO, marker Assorted colors, 4pc
- White Board With Pen Size 35x25,1pc
- Black Board Duster Light, 1pc
- Zipper Bag 25x35 Paket of 10pc
- Zipper Bab 17x25 Paket of 10pc
- Brown Box, 1pc