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ACA School Stationery - Grade3 -03152020

American Creativity Academy

Please review the box description and compare it with your list before buying!

Box Of Faber Castle Color Pencils (12 Colors)
Medium Staedtler erasers
Elmers UHU large (40g) glue sticks
Corded Headphones - Not Rechargeable
Lunch Box
Box Of Washable Markers
Box Of Faber Castle Hb Writing Pencils
Stationary Organizer Folder
A4 Plastic Folder Arabic with Name Label
A4 Plastic Folder English with Name Label
A4 Plastic Folder Maths with Name Label
A4 Plastic Folder Science with Name Label
A4 Plastic Folder Social Studies with Name Label
A4 Folders With Zippers Any Color
Sanitizer (Big Bottle For Class)
Pencil Sharpener That Holds Sharpening
Boxes Of Kleenex
Reusable Water Bottle
A4 White Board
Small Whiteboard Eraser
Pack Of Whiteboard Markers: (Red, Green, Blue, And Black)
Dettol Wipes (Large) Or Dettol Spray
Small Zip Lock Bags
Large Zip Lock Bags
Pack (4) Highlighters (multicolor)
Arabic Notebook
Composition Notebook
English Notebook
Math Notebook
Science Notebook
Spelling And Dictation Notebook
Long Ruler (30Cm And Inch)
Pair Of Round Nose Scissors